All seniors are need to submit (1) senior portrait of their choosing. The portraits in the senior section should convey a certain sense of dignity and consistency, so please photograph accordingly. The pictures should be a "head and shoulders" portrait in high resolution. From there, we will crop according to our layouts. The Yearbook Staff reserves the right to reject any portrait. If a portrait is not submitted, we will use the student’s school ID portrait.

Access code: RAMPART2020




Submit Your Portrait

Portraits Specifications


  • Images should be high resolution and portrait orientation, no Instagram posts or cell phone selfies.

  • Waist-up pose; avoid full body poses.

  • Senior should be centered in the photo facing the camera with both eyes visible. 

  • Senior clothing and jewelry must fit school dress code guidelines. 

  • Simple, uncluttered background (whether indoors or outdoors). No solid color backgrounds. 

  • Color photos only; no black & white or sepia; no soft focus; no vignettes. 

  • No costumes or disguises. 

  • Photos should be JPEG images.